Bittersweet…a New Stage in Life

Bittersweet Buds (3)

Bittersweet.  A beautiful vine-plant that grows wild among the trees here in Kansas.  It sits quietly among the trees in the spring and summer only to shout loudly with its bright red-orange color in fall and winter when the trees are brown and bare.  As I reflect on my life this past year, I can see the symbolism in the bittersweet that reflects this time of life for me.

Bittersweet (2)

We graduated my youngest daughter from home school and she is now starting her college journey at the university.  Our oldest daughter married in September and will be moving across country next year.  Such a bittersweet time this is for me.  Hubby and I were living quietly with the heart-hidden knowledge that this time would come when our girls would move on in their lives, and now the time has come suddenly and the empty nest is shouting loudly to my heart.  A time of sweetness in the midst of the cold realization that my girls are no longer girls but women.

Not wanting to forget these mixed feelings of sadness and joy, I created some bittersweet jewelry to remind me of this time of life with a new realization…


mini-studs-sterling-bittersweet- earrings-gayle-dowell-6

A new season is coming.

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