The Least of These…Prairie Grass Seed Jewelry

A seed.  Small organic matter that falls to the ground from a plant that has died, but yet contains the very mystery of life within its being.  It holds the power to re-create.

praire grass jewelry by gayle dowell

The textures of prairie grasses and wildflowers have fascinated this simple mind.  I was looking closely at one particular grass, the little bluestem and wanted to capture it in a small pendant.  The grasses themselves are too big for this, so I was looking at the individual seeds.

prairie grass seed jewelry from Kansas

As I thought about seeds in general and their purpose and the life cycle of plants, I saw the powerful symbolism that they represent.  So small, the least of these, often overlooked or hidden, but hold the power of regeneration: a death, a new life, a fresh beginning.

These necklaces are dedicated to the seed-gatherers.  Those who work to help restore and preserve our prairies by harvesting seeds.

With the new year almost here, these are a great reminder of the fresh beginnings a new year promises.

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