Celebrating Beauty in Aging

I had a friend my age die from breast cancer recently.  A friend who was such a wonderful Christ-follower…she was beautiful.  She was a wife, mother, friend, daughter, and sister.  She was so much beauty to so many different people in her life.  She created beautiful texture in the lives of those she knew.  The news of her passing was hard to take especially during this time in my own life as I age.

To celebrate this phase of life, this transitioning from earthly life to life eternal, I created a ring from the remains of asters after the petals have fallen and the seeds have been cast to the surrounding ground to grow their own roots and bloom and flower in another season.  Much like growing up your children and sending them off on their own.  My petals are fading, and my beauty is changing.  Instead of having the colorful petals, I’m left with beautiful texture, much like the aster remnants I used to texture this ring.

Midwinter Aster Ring in Sterling Silver, Open Band

I’m all about a woman’s natural beauty.  You know…no make-up, no frills, no hair-dye.  The beautiful gray tresses, the age spot freckles, the fine lines and wrinkles…the beautiful texture.

Mid Winter Asters in Sterling Silver Necklace 3

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