prairie grass jewelry by gayle dowell-1-03

There is a sense of inspiration that I feel when I’m walking our patch of prairie in the heart of America.  The diversity of plant and wildlife creates in me a sense of awe that my Creator, God, created so many different species, all reliant on other species and natural elements to survive.  How complex yet it is sustained through the ages.  This is what motivates me to create my artisan jewelry or my paintings.   To capture this diversity, this complexity, in what I create and give it a piece of lasting life.  To capture the textures, forms, shapes that are flowing and organic, and transform them into pieces of art.  This is my goal in every piece that I create.  Each piece of art as varied as nature itself.  My gift of worship to God.

I’ve been fortunate to have several venues to sell my work which include the following:

Flint Hills Discovery Center in Manhattan, KS

Manhattan Arts Center Wrap-it-Up Sale in November and December in Manhattan, KS.

The Willa Cather Foundation in Red Cloud, NE

The Abiquiu Inn in Abiquiu, NM

Online: The Kit and Caboodle Shop
AND Artisan Prairie Grass and Nature-Inspired Jewelry by Gayle Dowell


The prairie can’t be appreciated by those who stand on it’s edge and only examine it’s expanse. They say to themselves, “Is this all there is?” The prairie is appreciated by those who take the time to slow down, kneel down and linger through it. They say to themselves, “This is everything!” ~Gayle Dowell


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