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Celebrating Beauty in Aging

I had a friend my age die from breast cancer recently.  A friend who was such a wonderful Christ-follower…she was beautiful.  She was a wife, mother, friend, daughter, and sister.  She was so much beauty to so many different people … Continue reading

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I Live Where the Grass Grows Tall

I live where the grass grows taller than I stand.  I live where the wind whispers through the tall big bluestem grasses and the same grasses speak back.  Listening to their conversation, it is as if I understand their words, and I find … Continue reading

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The Least of These…Prairie Grass Seed Jewelry

A seed.  Small organic matter that falls to the ground from a plant that has died, but yet contains the very mystery of life within its being.  It holds the power to re-create. The textures of prairie grasses and wildflowers have fascinated this simple … Continue reading

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Bittersweet…a New Stage in Life

Bittersweet.  A beautiful vine-plant that grows wild among the trees here in Kansas.  It sits quietly among the trees in the spring and summer only to shout loudly with its bright red-orange color in fall and winter when the trees … Continue reading

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Taking a New Path Through the Prairies of Kansas

If you’ve joined me from my previous blog, “This Artist’s Journey“, thank you for following me here to “Along Prairie Paths”.  It has been a wonderful journey, and I believe that I’ve found where my heart belongs, right here in … Continue reading

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